Welcome to Jigen

Based in Paris, we're a creative studio specialized in architectural visualization, 3D animation, visual FX, 3D print and real-time 3D.

Jigen Fulton Fresh Architectures
Jigen Massena Fresh Architectures Paris Architectural Visualization
Jigen Dior J'adore'
Jigen Basel Kubota & Bachmann
Jigen Swedish Apartment Architectural Visualization
Jigen Nucleos HBS Aeroe
Jigen Basel Kubota & Bachmann
Jigen Budapest Architectural Visualization
Jigen Berlin Library 3D Print
Jigen Nespresso
Jigen Viens Architectural Visualization
Jigen Kaohsiung Pop Culture Center 3D Print


Jigen Architectural Visualization

One of our last project in Paris for the architecture firm Fresh Architectures.
> View More in the Architecture page.

Jigen 3D VFX

Check out our latest project for Rolex - Daytona.
> View More in the 3D VFX page.

Jigen 3D Print

Some photos to return on the Cartier's project for the Lisbon Biennial developed with La Mode En Image.
> View More in the 3D Print page.

Jigen Real-Time 3D

We currently working on a new Real-Time 3D Project in Tokyo.
> View More in the Real-Time 3D page.

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